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trimethylene carbonate

Trimethylene carbonate

Cas: 2453-03-4 

Molecular Formula: C4H6O3


Molecular Weight‎: ‎102.09 g/mol

Chemical Names: 1,3-Dioxan-2-one

Form: crystals

Minimal order quantity: 200 gram

Trimethylene carbonate is the monomer of PTMC. It is mainly used to synthesizes PTMC and other copolymers, such as PTMC-LA. There are widely used in the surgical suture, drug controlled release material and other application.

Trimethylene carbonate is easy to homopolymerize and copolymerize, and the initiator has a wide selection range. It can be used as anionic, cationic, and coordination initiators for ring-opening polymerization. In addition, enzymes can also be used to initiate polymerization.

The use of cationic initiators is prone to decarboxylation due to the transition state of cationic ions. As a result, ether bonds are introduced into the main chain of the polymer. Among all polymerization systems, coordination polymerization is ideal, and high-yield, high-molecular-weight polymers can be obtained.

The most commonly used is the reaction of 1,3-propylene glycol and diethyl carbonate to form trimethylene carbonate. Remove the solvent and excess diethyl carbonate under reduced pressure, add p-toluenesulfonic acid to the residue, distill under reduced pressure for one hour, add tin powder, and distill under reduced pressure to collect the fractions and obtain a white solid after cooling.

The crude product was recrystallized with a mixed solvent of THF-ether to obtain a white solid

Melt point45-47℃
Water content≤0.4%
Heavy metal content≤5ppm
Acid content≤0.1%
Ash Content≤0.05%