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PEI Copolymer

PEI Copolymer

Name: PEI Copolymer

Item: PEI-R

R option: PLA, PCL, PLGA, PTMC

Minimal order quantity: 20 gram

PEI copolymer is the block polymer of PEI and other polymers. Polyethyleneimine can enhance the adhesion of cells with weak adhesion in cell culture. PEI is a cationic polymer. The negative charge on the outer surface of the cell is attached to the bottom surface of the petri dish covered with PEI, which provides stronger adhesion between the cell and the plate. However, polyethyleneimine has strong cytotoxicity.

Here is the detailed list for your reference.

1. Polylactide(L-PLA, D-PLA, DL-PLA); PEI-PLA

2. PLGA(different ratio); PEI-PLGA

3. Polycaprolactone(PCL); PEI-PCL