About us

We have nearly 500 square meters of clean workshops of 100,000-level standards, and more than 300 square meters of physical and chemical laboratories. It has reached the standard GMP factory for the production of pharmaceutical accessories and sterile medical devices.

Our factory owe medical degradable polymer materials react, polymerize, purify, dry, package equipment. It specializes in the production of biomedical biodegradable polymer materials, as well as development and industrialization of downstream medical supplies and devices.

The medical polymer absorbable materials produced by the company include: glycolide, polyglycolide (polyglycolic acid), lactide, polylactic acid (polylactide), trimethylene carbonate, polytrimethylene carbonate, Poly (lactic acid-glycolic acid) copolymer, poly (ε-caprolactone), etc., products can be widely used in implantable absorbable and degradable medical devices, such as orthopedic absorbable bone plates, Bone nails, artificial tendons, absorbable hemostatic clips, vascular staplers, artificial blood vessels, fourth-generation cardiac stents, artificial meninges, etc. For the field of drug sustained release, we can develop and customize different molecular weights, various ratios and achieve various Block copolymerization products.

Our company has now declared 6 invention patents and 4 new utility patents. There are 2 Class II based on biodegradable materials, and Class II medical device products are being arranged by the Food and Drug Administration for testing and follow-up clinical work.

About Our Materials


Includes PLLA, PDLA, PDLLA, PCL, PGA, PLGA and PTMC. Each has different type of viscosity.


Includes L-Lactide, D-Lactide, DL-Lactide, Glycolide and Trimethylene carbonate. The purity is above 99.5%

Customized Polymer

OEM service for customer request, Such as PLGA-peg, PDLA-peg and other block polymerization.